Transforming battery technology

Group14’s transformational silicon battery technology is changing how rechargeable batteries power our lives.

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Meet SCC55™

The highest performing battery material on the market

We’ve designed SCC55™ to unlock the electrification of everything with rechargeable batteries.
Scaffold Prime™

Our elegantly simple two-step process

Our patented, reliable, and in-market solution to lithium-ion challenges. We start by synthesizing carbon to create the perfect carbon scaffold, then create silicon and tuned internal void space inside it, which results in the final product: SCC55™.
A close-up of a technician's hands in black lab gloves preparing material for BET surface area measurement
Engineers in Group14's factory

Delivering SCC55™ at global scale

How we create SCC55™ and manufacture it anywhere on Earth


SCC55™ is the answer

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Extreme-fast charging
Batteries powered by SCC55™ can charge in minutes instead of hours.
Li-ion battery cells
From coin to pouch cells, manufacturers can seamlessly drop our material into any li-ion battery manufacturing line or cell design without retooling processes.
Increased energy density
SCC55™-powered silicon batteries deliver up to 50% more energy density vs conventional lithium-ion batteries. We’re redefining how long batteries last and what they do.

We’re driving sustainability, social responsibility, and resilience into every aspect of our business. These values and our passion for the electrification of everything guide how we innovate silicon battery technology and manufacture it at global scale.


Powering batteries to power everything

Electrified mobility
Helping EVs, buses, trucks, and powered prosthetics charge faster, perform better, and move us into unimaginable dimensions.
Consumer electronics
Enabling phones, laptops, watches, and more to expand and enrich our lives.
Electrified flight
Powering planes, EVs, drones, and helicopters to take us anywhere in the world, sustainably.
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